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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Laying Up Our Treasures

My eyes and ears have seen and heard much hardship in my life, and I guarantee mine aren't the only ones. I run into many people who see they have been through hardships daily. Some act, and some are acted upon.
In the early summer of 2014, My companion and I were doing as missionaries do, and knocking on doors. Naturally, we walked straight up to quite a large house. The person who answered seemed a little intoxicated. (However, I didn't smell anything on him so it might just be how he was) He said he had "already been saved." He stated he had already accepted Jesus in his heart and didn't need anymore (you would be surprised how many people say they don't want more Christ in their lives). He, instead, tried to point us in another direction. Pointing to the trailer community, he said, "Y'all need to go down there to the trailer park and preach to them." The reasoning behind this statement of his is unknown. Maybe because they are in a more poor economic condition, he thought they weren't religious. Whatever his reason for his statement, he was ignorant to the fact we were there a few days earlier.
While we were there, we knocked on a trailer door. When the door opened, I saw a cockroach climbing up the inside of the door. A man, who spoke broken English answered. He looked at me and said, "Hablas espanol?" (because people think I am mexican). I replied to him, "no." But, notwithstanding that barrier, we began communicating with him. We understood what he was trying to say, and he understood us. He was happy to let us in to talk about Christ. Naturally, we followed him. As we walked into his home, I looked on the back wall, and saw a few more cockroaches making their way to their destination on that wall. He had a plywood floor (not to be mixed up with hardwood), and a small "tube" television sitting on the ground in, what appeared to be, the living room. Then there was the couch. It was worn down. The support it gave was no longer to be found. When we sat on it, the cushioning was well used, and we sank quite low to the floor. He sat across from us in a equally worn chair. We began to talk and he expounded to us his life.

He revealed he was a man who used to be on drugs and other addictions. Then, he saw how it affected his family negatively. He decided to change. He recognized could not do it himself, but needed divine help. As a result he turned to Christ, who loves us and is willing to help us get closer to Him. As this man acted he said his heart was softened. Then the Spirit testified to his softened heart when he grow closer to Christ. He was able to get off of the drugs, and grow closer to his family. They are a tight nichè group. He was excited and stated with gusto in the best English he could, "Everything is perfect! It's because of Christ! My life is perfect!"
 The Hispanic man had said his "life was perfect" in a situation where other people would say otherwise. He been humbled sufficiently to allow Christ to change him. I had a stronger belief the people who the richer man pointed us to wanted to know who Jesus Christ is. They had seen many miracles in their lives, and took none of the blessings they had for granted. I think back to the poor widow who gave all she had, which was two mites. Back then, people looked down on her, but Christ esteemed her to be higher than all who had donated previously.

3 Nephi 13: 19-21; Matthew 6: 19-21
I am continuing to be humbled by the experience. I know I need to work with Him in mind, rather than me in mind. I need to keep giving all I have to be with those who Christ, Himself, esteemed. Christ said where our treasure is, our hearts are also (3 Ne. 13: 21; see also Matt 6:21, and Luke 12: 34). The poor Hispanic man had few in what matters least, and much when it came to what matters most, which is his love for God and his family. We will not be able to take our worldly possessions with us when we meet God. They do not belong to us. The only thing we can take with us is ourselves and our family. We will never be satisfied if we have our hearts on worldly things, or ideas. If our hearts are 100 percent focused on our Heavenly Father and His work, we will be more happy and satisfied with our lives, no matter what our economic situation might be.

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  1. Elder Moss,
    Your post humbles me and makes me want time to hurry so that Kirk and I can serve our mission. I am grateful for your testimony of Jesus Christ. Thank you for sharing with us.