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Friday, September 20, 2013

The Great Debate: Science v. Religion

We live in a world where there are great scientific advancements being made. It is often hard for people to have a belief in God when there is proof of evolution, continental drifts, and the strange behaviors of the subatomic particles. People tend to think these things disprove God and all of His majesty. My simple question to them is "Why?"
Albert Einstein stated, "The more I delve into the science of this universe the more firmly do I believe that one God or force or influence has organized all of this for our discovery." This phrase led 5 people (one of which was atheist) to search for the true religion. They searched the Holy Bible (KJV) and found what the true religion must have. They called them "The 17 points of the true church." I would encourage you to do some research for yourself on those points found in the Bible, but I am straying from the topic. The reason I bring up the fact one of the most brilliant scientific minds in the 20th century said that was to show you science and religion can go together. There doesn't need to be a conflict. All things testify of Him. Contention is not the way we ought to live. We must continually be searching for truth. Latter-day Saints all search for truth, no matter from where it comes. I am going to share with you some truths I have found (both spiritual and physical).
The first prophet of this dispensation has revealed to us that ALL things have matter, even spiritual things. One of the scientific truths about matter, is that it has mass, and can be measured (the "weight" of light has also been measured). Science as recently (about a few years ago) found that at the moment, not a few minutes later, of death a body loses (about) .375 grams. This comes as no surprise to the Latter-day saints because we knew (at time Joseph Smith jr. revealed it). Scientist don't know exactly why it happens, we know it is because the Spirit (which is matter) leaves. God allows truths to be found to testify of Him in all aspects of life.
Probably one of the biggest concerns is that of evolution. People who strongly believe in God tend to only believe creationism. Most people who believe in evolution don't believe in God. If you would notice, I set up these two sentences in the way both use their logic. "God exists so creationism happened." and "There is proof of evolution so God can't exist." I personally see fallacies in both. I am one who breaks things down to make sense both spiritually and scientifically. I will invite you to do the same and try to fix both fallacies. There is a missionary who explained this quite well. Luckily, he, too, has a blog. The post is "Livin on the Edge. " I, also, invite you to read it. It describes well a quote of Albert Einstein, which is, "Science doesn't disprove God. It just shows us how He works."

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