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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Patterns of Light (pt. 1) by Elder David A. Bednar

This is an interesting three part series. It made me reflect on all the good I have done, despite the bad that has happened. It will shed some light on how the Lord's work progresses by the small and simple things (Alma 37:6)

I have been praying for an opportunity to do some service since I arrived in my new area. I had been seeking for service because I had read of Ammon's experience with King Lamoni. He didn't seek to teach everyone first. He sought to serve. His brother's were overzealous and were thrown in prison because they went our seeking to teach first. Ammon was able to be an example to all those around him, and was able to bring people to Christ. I hadn't found one for a while. Yesterday, there was a storm with heavy rain pour and strong winds. I had watched a tree fall down in front of our apartment building. I was desirous to help, but I couldn't. The manager had already called a landscaping business to clean it up. They were quick in doing their job. Later that evening, we received a phone call. It was a member of our church, who hasn't been attending for a few years. We had visited her a few times in the past, so she knew us. She had called up because she saw her neighbor's tree was down. Her Christ-like love for her neighbor, and desire to get her neighborhood united again prompted her to help. It was a big job. So, she called us for help. We dropped everything. After two hours of service, people's attitude toward us changed. Their light was being amplified because of the light we were using. They are more welcoming to us. As we act on the light we have, we will amplify others' lights. It is interesting to see How one act can influence a chain of events, bringing to pass the Lord's work. So, I am inviting you to ponder all you can do to help those around you. You will be a light to the world (3 Ne. 18: 24), and guide those around you to a better path.

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