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Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Difficult Topic

As a missionary, I have the wonderful opportunity to run into a variety of people. They, all, have their concerns. Their concerns vary, but each concern is brought forth because of something in their past. Today, I will be addressing a great concern for many.

Just the other day, as my companion and I were walking to an appointment, we were met by a young man who had suffered a severe accident. He stopped us and asked us many questions. He showed a desire to find the right church. Now, some will say, "This church is for me, and that one is for you," or "That church is just not for me." This, being the Church which belongs to Jesus Christ, Himself, is for everybody. It does not matter why you think you're different. You are a part of God's family and are His child no matter what you do. With that said, people have guilt. They are looking for a Church which will help them become more relieved of that guilt. Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can have Him lift our burdens. It was apparent that there was some kind of guilt he had (whether for a friend of his, or for himself I do not know) when he asked a specific question. It was, "what is your church's stance of homosexuality?" It is natural to be taken back by such a question. Usually, when this situation occurs, the individual wants the church to accept it, believing that acceptance will relieve them of their guilt and shame. I have stated previously using the words of Elder David A. Bednar, "Guilt is to [our] spirit as pain is to [our] body." When we have back pain, we do not go to a place where everyone else is suffering. We want to be relieved from the pain. The same is for our Spirit. We want to be healed from the pain we feel. This is the reason he talked to us. It is a bit hard to talk about a topic. It is also more difficult for us to talk about it in a situation where it may get contentious. Reading my previous post on Chasity describes the necessary steps, and expounds on the plan our Father has for us. But what I really want to do, is to share is an official Church website. It expounds further on the topic and has people's own testimonies and experiences. It will help you understand the relationship of Mormons and Gays.

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