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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Women's Authority

I have recently posted my insights about things which bind us. One of those being the decrease in the safeguarding of our sacred power to create mortal life. I feel I must delve deeper into the subject. I have mentioned in the previous post about our being children of God. I am a son of Heavenly Father, and women are His daughters. They are often are more in-tune with their emotions than we, men, are. I have had plenty of experiences understand, too well, that fact. It shouldn't be surprising when the power to create is exercised out of the bonds God has put forth it is usually the woman who suffers the most emotionally and spiritually.
Today, in our world, those sacred bonds have less meaning to people. Women are becoming more and more objectified. People want physically beautiful women. Women who look good on magazines, movies, and other media sources are who men notice. Unfortunately, young women notice these trends and want to get recognition. This leads to them looking at themselves as objects. They will grow immodest in their dress. Then, before you know it they have disregarded their authority, and have become subjects of men. This is the very thing the "women empowerers" want to prevent. But their philosophies contradict the over arching goal, which is to have men and women become equal. This is a goal of Heavenly Father. They are equal. Men and Women are given different roles which must work equally.

In the Church, men are given priesthood authority. That is not to say women don't have authority. They are born with their authority. Elder D. Todd Christofferson, one of Christ's modern Apostles, recently called this authority "moral authority." He also noted the modern philosophies and their overall consequences when he said, "Attitudes toward human sexuality threaten the moral authority of women on several fronts. Abortion for personal or social convenience strikes at the heart of a woman’s most sacred powers and destroys her moral authority. The same is true of sexual immorality and of revealing dress that not only debases women but reinforces the lie that a woman’s sexuality is what defines her worth. There has long been a cultural double standard that expected women to be sexually circumspect while excusing male immorality. The unfairness of such a double standard is obvious, and it has been justifiably criticized and rejected. In that rejection, one would have hoped that men would rise to the higher, single standard, but just the opposite has occurred—women and girls are now encouraged to be as promiscuous as the double standard expected men to be."
This promiscuity is causing a decrease in the over-all morality in society. This ideal is causing women's authority in society to decrease, rather than increase. I endorse women utilizing their authority righteously. The same goes for men. When they exercise their authority for good, they will see the blessings of meeting a significant other who is also righteous. Women have a certain intuition. Elder Christofferson said it best when he said, "Your intuition is to do good and to be good, and as you follow the Holy Spirit, your moral authority and influence will grow."

Elder Christofferson said it best and I invite you to watch and/or read to see what you can take out of it.

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