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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Growing Comfortable with God

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son..." (John 3: 16) This scripture tells us the first Christmas Gift, and why the Gift was given. This is the season to remember Jesus Christ, and His teachings. Not to receive, but to give. If you have followed the posts this month, you may have noticed the series of posts. If you look at them, and read them in the order they were posted. You will find they teach the Doctrine of Christ (AKA the Gospel of Jesus Christ). I cannot I say this was my idea. I was inspired by another missionary's blog: Of Blessings and Banana Pudding (You should check it out sometime):

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is centered around His Atonement. It is also the ONLY way we can access the FULL power of the Atonement, and understand His redeeming grace. These are the steps, in order, with the past post associated with it.

Receiving The Holy Ghost:
Enduring to the End:
You may have noticed the "(sacrament)" underneath the "baptism" in the picture. That is a part of enduring to the end. To be frank, we will not live up to ALL the covenants we make at baptism. Hence, we need to renew them, every week, and strive to be better. Yes, we are all "saved." Yet, we are asked to follow Christ's teachings. His grace is self-less. When we know Him through His teaching, we become more comfortable with Him, and His Father. This is the Goal.
This talk given at BYU explains why we follow this Doctrine. More importantly, Brad Wilcox explains HOW Christ's Grace works. My invitation to you echos Mr. Wilcox's. So, you should watch it, and remember the Grace of Jesus Christ.

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