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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Authority of the Notary

In most legal systems, in order for a contract to be valid, the contract must be reviewed and signed by someone who is a notary (or someone like unto it). A notary receives this authority from the Government of which they represent. If one party breaks their end of the contract, the contract becomes null and void. The other party can usually claim damages, if the other party breaks their end of the contract. The organization could not occur without the authority of the notary. If a situation arose in court about a contract being broken, and it was signed by the ups man (provided he wasn't a recognized notary), and the judge(s) saw this, the case would be dismissed without a second thought. Hence, authority becomes important. This, of course, may seem a bit confusing to some. So, I which to share with you another situation pertaining to authority:

A man is driving 75 in a 55 speed zone, and he sees he passed an ice cream truck. To add to the excitement of the situation, the truck begins to speed up. Then, the ice-cream truck driver turns on the infamous ice cream truck music. This man begins wondering, "Wow, this man must be in a hurry to get somewhere." He then slows down to let this truck pass him. To his surprise, the truck slows down too. "What is going on?" the man asks himself. And he resumes his previous speed. The ice cream truck is on his tail, so he decides to pull over to the next lane to let him pass. The truck follows him into the next lane. Finally, the man pulls over to just see what his problem is. Surely the truck stops when he does, and the driver, dressed in a bright yellow ice-cream-man uniform climbs out of the truck and grabs a small notebook. He walks to the man who he was following. The man, confused as anyone else could be, says, "Well, you must want to share with me some good ice cream if you went through all that." With a face as cold as the ice cream he sells, he replies, "Do you have any idea how fast you were going? I am going to have to write you a ticket." He then proceeds to write this confused man a ticket from a small notebook. "You are going to have to pay this by a month from now, or you will go to court." He then turns back to his ice cream truck, and walks away. This man looks down at his "ticket" just as he is passed by that ice cream truck.

Do you think this man is going to pay his "ticket"? I assure you that the courts would not have a copy of this "ticket." I, also, assure you the courts would laugh at this situation. He probably would not so much as to think to pay his "fine." It is because this ice cream man did not have authority from the government to write said "ticket." If this story had been with a policeman, rather than an ice cream man, it would have been a lot shorter. God's Kingdom is a kingdom of order; therefore, it is the same in the Kingdom of Heaven. Just as a policeman, or a notary get authority from the government to make valid certain "contracts" or "covenants" with the government (or between two other parties), a man must have authority from God to make covenants with Him. This authority was given to Jesus Christ (because, frankly, He was the son of God). He, in turn, gave it to His apostles. We read, "[Jesus] called his twelve disciples together, and gave them power and  authority..." (Luke 9: 1) This authority, called the Priesthood, is essential to making the covenant of baptism (and future covenants) with the Lord. If one desires to be "saved," it must be done by the proper authority. This is important, even for Christ. He did not find some random person on the street and say, "baptize me" or "just dunk me in the water." An even more important note, is that he did not go to the "more qualified" in the society of the Jews (Pharisees) to be baptized. He walked forty miles to the river Jordan to find the person, who had this authority, even John the Baptist (who was born with the priesthood due to a promise the Lord made with Phineas the grandson of Aaron, brother of Moses, but that is a future post). This may be "stepping on toes" a little bit, but God's claim is clear. I wish to share another situation:

A police officer was fired due to him neglecting to acknowledge the law. He then decided to become an ice cream truck driver, who would do what he used to do as a policeman. Other Ice cream truck drivers see this and ask him to teach them. Thus, he does, and they take it under their "wing" to keep order as a band of ice cream truck drivers.

I concur, this situation does seem a bit ridiculous, but the idea has happened with religion. Many of those ice cream truck drivers want to do good along with doing their job. However, they do not have the authority from the government to do anything. The original policeman was unworthy to be an officer and did not have the authority to be one. Therefore, he could not adequately teach others (let alone give them the authority). Today, we must emulate our Lord, our Shepherd, our Savior, Jesus Christ in making those promises with God, with the proper authority. Hence, the Priesthood is a far more important authority to make covenants with God, than the authority of the notary in making contracts with others. Thus my invitation is clear. If any church (that's right, not just the LDS church) claims they are the "only true church," try their fruits, then ask God. It is simple. I will not invite anyone to do something I, myself, would not do. I promise, you will grow the relationship between you and God and it will strengthen, and your testimony of Christ will become a firm foundation.

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