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Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Role of Truth

After my last post, a thought had entered into my mind. As this thought dwelt, I felt is was necessary to share what else the Holy Ghost does for us. We do not get it, and it cleanses us immediately. Like I said previously, "It is a command to the person receiving the Holy Ghost. To live worthy to be influenced by its presence. It is a covenant to "stand in holy places." The Holy Ghost's job is not to take away our agency, or our accountability. Rather, He does the opposite. He gives us more control, more agency, and more accountability. This makes us more responsible for our actions. Lehi told his sons, "The Lord God gave unto man that he should act for himself." (2 Nephi 2: 16) It does not say, "The Lord God takes control of man so that he cannot act himself." This is vital to the growth of His children. We can look at it this way:

There are two similar families. Everything between them is the same. Except, one is a very wealthy family, and the other is very poor. The son in the wealthy family has everything given to him. Everything this son does is already planned out for him. While this son is growing up in wealth and luxury, the son of the other family must choose for himself how he is going to live. It is hard, and he runs into many hardships, but is quite successful. In their adult life, they work for the same company. The rich son works there because his father owns it; The poor son works there because he worked for it. Then, the father of the rich son, passes away, and leaves everything to his son. While the poor son, is slowly working his way up the chain. Tragedy strikes the company right as the poor man is made "vice-president," working right under the rich son. Who do you think would be able to hold the company together? It would most likely be the poor son's doing. It would be because he had all this experience, and didn't have everything handed to him. So it is the same with the kingdom of Heaven.

Our Father will not hand everything to us, we must gain experience. He wants us to be ultimately free to make our own decisions. Jesus Christ did everything Heavenly Father wanted. The other member of the God-head does the same. Which means, He will not control us. We do the controlling ourselves. Lehi further states, "man could not act for himself save it should be that he was enticed by the one or the other." Satan wants to take away our ability to choose. He does this with lies. God wants us to gain agency. He does this with truth. Hence, "The Truth Will Set You Free!" This is the job of the Holy Ghost, to testify of truth. Not to drive us mad with hindering our ability to choose. My invitation to you is access the Truth, Ask, Seek and Knock for the Fruits of the Spirit.

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