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Monday, February 17, 2014

There is an Order

7R3H3 W45 4 57UDY, 0R 3X3PN31R7 1F Y0U WL1L, 8Y C81G4DRM3 UN15V137RY 4 W1LH3 8C4K PRN01VG 74H7 4LL Y0U N33D 70 R43D 4NY WR0D 15 7H3 F51R7 4ND L547 L73R37R 70 83 1N 7H3 C0CR3R7 P701501N5, 4ND 4LL 03H7R L3R7375 1N 7H3 MLD1D3 0F 7H3 WR0D C4N 83 M31XD. 71H5 15 8U3S4C3 Y0U R43D 7H3 3N7R13 WR0D 4ND 5NN33C73 45 4 WLH03, N07 1N 1N4DDU11VL P1C335. Y35, YU0R 8R14N WUL0D 83 4L83 70 R43D 17. 7UH5, 3C3F73VFL1Y PNR01VG 74H7 5PL31NLG 4ND GMR4M4R 15 4N, 45M0L7, U3L5355 73LN47. RN373LCY, 73RH3 H45 833N 4 M4G5353 GN10G 4RN0D WRH33 5M03 0F 7H3 LR73375 4R3 5CWH731D W71H 5141MLR L10NK0G N8RM3U5. 7R3RF30H3, W3 D0 N07 33VN N33D 70 U53 L7R3735 OF 7H3 4L3P8H47. 870H 0F 7H3 531UD75 514D, "0LNY 7H3 13N3L1LG7N7 P3P0L3 C4N 4ND WL1L R43D 71H5." 1 700K 7H3 L71R83Y 0F 714NKG 7H3 7W0 "537DU15" 4ND C1N1N0M8G 73HM. WCH1H MN43S 0LNY RL4L3Y 1N371NL3LG7 P0P3L3 C4N R43D T1HS P507. 73RH3 4R3 S4R33VL R0543N5 F0R MY D1N0G 71H5. 7H3 F5R17 R53N045 4R3 70 D5M403N77R3 4 CUP0L3 7UR3 PN1CR3P1L5. 7H3 NX37, 4ND MR03 0V018U5, 15 84C5U33 1 W37NTD 70 HV43 4 L707L3 FUN (WCH1H 15 LK13 4 L717L3, 0LNY 4 L07).

47 71H5 PN017, 17 15, P4L08R8Y, G31N77G 33154R F0R Y0U 70 U73NND5R4D. 7H3 R0S34N F0R 71H5 15 B5U4C33 YU0R B41RN 15 A15DU7NJG 70 7H3 N3W "L4NGU4G3" Y0U H4V3 B33N R34D1NG. 17 M4Y S33M D1FF1CUL7, 8U7 1F Y0U 4R3 5UPP053D 70 UND3R574ND 17, Y0U W1LL. J35U5 CHR157 74UGH7 1N 4 V3RY S1M1L4R F45H10N. 47 0N3 P01N7 DUR1NG H15 E4R7HLY M1N157RY H15 D15C1PL35 QU35710N3D H1M. TH3Y 45K3D TH3 50N 0F G0D, "WHY SP34K357 7HOU UN7O TH3M 1N P4RA8LE5?" CHRI5T, N0N-H3SI7ANTLY, 4NSWER3D 7HEM 5AYING, "Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given... Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand." (Matthew XIII: X-XI, XIII) God's pattren of taechnig us is derisbecd by the prephot Isaiah, "Wohm slahl he tecah knlewdoge? and wohm slhal he mkae to unsdratned dnorcite? tehm taht are weenad from the mlik, and drwan from the bsretas. For prepcet msut be uopn preecpt, pcrepet uopn prpeect; lnie uopn lnie, lnie uopn lnie; hree a ltltie, and trhee a ltilte." (Iiaash XXVIII: IX-X) In otehr wodrs, GOD IS NOT GONIG TO TLEL U5 EVYNR7E1HG R1HG7 A4WY! HE 1S GN01G 70 GV13 U5 BS14C D7C03R1N5 WICHH W3 C4N D5G137 SP7R1UL4L1Y! W3HN W3 34T, W3 D0 N07 B13GN W71H 4 5347K, 8U7 ML1K. C4N Y0U 1GN1M43 W4H7 WLU0D H34PPN 70 4 884Y 1F Y0U GV43 T3HM 5437K? PU4L 7UG4H7 71H5 SM43 PPR11NCL3 70 7H3 CRHCUH OF C1R0N7H.  "1, 8R3H3R7N, CL0UD N07 534PK U7N0 Y0U 45 U7N0 5411RP7UL, 8U7 45 U7N0 CN4R4L, 33VN 45 U7N0 83485 1N CRH517. 1 HV43 F3D Y0U W71H ML1K, 4ND N07 W71H M437: F0R H17H3R70 Y3 WR33 N07 4L83 70 843R 17, N71H33R Y37 N0W 4R3 Y3 4L83." (I C1R0N7H4N15 III: I-II) 1N 03RDR 70 U3N57DRN4D H15 T1CH4NG35, Y0U 4R3 G0N1G 70 HV43 70 C05N4N77LY MLUL 03VR 73HM 1N YU0R MN1D. Y0U 4R3 GN01G 70 HV43 70 CN01557N37LY PN03DR 7H3 5C1R7PUR5. Y0U WL1L HV43 70 F3RQ3UNL7Y RF33FR 8C4K 70 7H3 W773R1N WR0D 0F 7H3 LR0D. W3HN Y0U D0 71H5, 7H3 LR0D P0R13M55 Y0U R4V0L3T13N, W5D10M, 4ND KN3DW0LG3 F0RM 0N HG1H. Y0U WL1L 83 4L63 70 R43D H15 7C4H3NG15 4ND UN3D5R47ND 73HM, J5U7 LK13 Y0U WL1L 83 4L83 70 R43D 71H5 F4R 87373R W3HN Y0U R3-R43D 17. N07 0LNY D305 R1D4N3G HL3P, 8U7 4P1PYLNG W4H7 Y0U L3R4N HLP35 F4R MR03. 17 WKR05 5M1L1RL4Y 70 RD4N31G 7H3 R537 0F 71H5 P507 0U7 LU0D.

47 F51R7 GC4LN3, 71H5 P5O7 53M35 LK13 500N3M3, WH0 W45 D5YLX13C, W45 HN1V4G 4 S0KR73 WLH13 W7NR11G 17; 8U7 W3HN Y0U L00K D3P33R 17N0 17, 73RH3 15 4 P73R74N, 0R 4N 03DRR 70 71H5 "WLU0D 83" C04H5. 71H5 15 85C4U33 73HR3 W45 530MN03 WH0 H4D 0Z31R4NGD 7H3 J38LMUD-UP M535 0F L773R35 4ND NRU38M5 0N 7H3 K4R3Y08D 70 MK43 5N533, 5R07-0F (M3). 1F W3 L00K 70 7H3 P10R33RPT5 0F S7U814M0C PL1R3T4C5 (3LN0CR375, P7N0R05, 4ND N3U0R7N5); P0H0N75; 4ND 33VN QR4UK, W3 C4N 533 74H7 71H3R 81V03H4R 15 VR3Y C10H47C. 73HY HV43 0R, R3H47R, C54U3 S1H7N3M0G CL34LD, "WV345 0F P18R147L80Y." 73HY C4N 83 1N MP7L1LU3 P3CL45 47 0N3 7M13. HCN33, 753H3 P17RC43L5 C4N 4ND WL1L 4F1PLMY, 4ND N74G33 TH5M3L3V5 45 73HY 4C7 LK13 WV345. 8U7, 753H3 W34V5 0F PR8O141L8Y CM33P0L7LY C0L4L5P3 W3HN 7H3 P7R1C4L3 15 BN13G 03R53V8D. 17 N0 L3N0GR 47C5 45 4 WV43, 8U7 4 P7R4C1L3... 0F CU5R03, 1 D0 N07 W51H 70 FL1L YU0R 7HU7G0H5 W71H RN0D4M QUU4N7M 03R014V875N5, 8U7 705H3 03S8R7V41N05 CNC0LUD3 74H7 7RH33 15 4N 0R3DR 70 7H3 U1N3V5R3, 4ND W3 C4N 533 4ND U5D3N4R7ND 74H7 03DRR W3HN W3 058R3V3 0UR 5UR0RU1NDNG5. 01F73N37M5, W3 CL4L 71H5 D33P 0R54V78130N 4ND UN3D7R5N4D1NG "5C3N1C3." 51CC3N3 H45 D3C03V5R1D, 4ND 3XP4L3N1D J5U7 4 P007R1N 0F 7H3 LW45 WHC1H G3V0RN 0UR U5NV1R33. 7H3 R5430N 71H5 03RDR 0F LW45 3157X5 15 84C53U3 73HR3 15 0N3 P05R3N, 0N3 MN1D, 0N3 G0D B1H3ND 7H3 C470R13N 0F 4LL 0F 7H3 U1N5V3R3. 48LR37 3N13751N 7L0D 4 FC7U4LY 0F 4 C1L4FR01N4 CL3L0G3,"7H3 MR03 1 DL3V3 17N0 7H3 53C3N1C5 0F 71H5 U15N3VR3 7H3 MR03 FR1MLY D0 1 813L3V3 74H7 0N3 G0D 0R F0CR3 0R 1NFN3LUC3 H45 0R4GN3Z1D 4LL 0F 71H5 F0R 0UR D0C5V1R3Y." MY D43R B07R3HR5 4ND 5T15R35, 53CNC13 D305 N07 D51P0RV3 G0D, D731Y, 0R 4 LV10NG HV33N4LY F743HR. R3H74R, 17 D305 7H3 0P05P175E. 5C13NC3 15 MY P00RF 73RH3 15 4 G0D 40LNG W71H 7H3 8U743Y 0F 7H3 NH1G7 531K5, 7H3 FLUL M00N, 7H3 50NW BL3N3K74D HL1L5, 4ND MU174N0N5, 7H3 G3R3N C3R3V0D T3R35, 4ND P5U7R345, 7H3 FLG1H7 0F 7H3 8UL8M3 833, 7H3 SN0G5 0F 7H3 8R1D5 4ND MN4Y MR03 W3NUD0RFL 7HN1G5 1N NU7R43. 3VR7Y31HNG WH711N 71H5 U1N5V5R3 71375FY 7HR33 15 4 G0D. 4LL TNH1G5 73157FY 0F H1M. 1 1N7V13 Y0U 70 L00K 4RU0ND YU3R0L5F 4ND FN1D 7H3 5ML4L 5MP1L3 87U34316 YU0R F3H47R H45 G13VN 70 Y0U. 1 P01R5M3 Y0U WL1L FN1D F4R MR03 J0Y 1N 7H3 WL0RD. Y0U WL1L FN1D HP03. MR0E 1M0P4R7NL7Y, Y0U WL1L FN1D 7H3 LV03 0F C5H1R7 W1H17N YU0R LF13.

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