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Monday, June 15, 2015

Walking the Line

A young pilot, named Curtis, flew with his peers in a heavily forested area. The mountainous terrain made it impossible to fly close. "Guys, we need to get closer to the trees." Yelled Chuck, the leader of this flying platoon, over his radio. "The trees will help cover us as we help the infantry. Also, it makes the enemy easier for us to see, and terminate." They were flying to the rescue of the soon to be surrounded ground troops. "SIR!" Yelled the concerned pilot Curtis, "with all due respect, we aren't supposed to fly close to the trees!" In a quick response back, Chuck said, "we are obligated to help our brothers! If this makes it easier than we MUST do it. I'm not saying touch the trees with the belly of the plane, but I am saying we need to get as close to the trees as possible! We are the final beacon of hope for them. Now you listen here, you will follow my orders!" As the other pilots over heard this conversation, they quickly stood behind their noble leader. Shouts of joy, and excitement could be heard over the radio as they descended." Curtis thought, "I am only going to 500 ft, no less." Another pilot, Nathan, saw Curtis stay back, and accompanied him.
"Sir," Nathan said, " I think two us us had better stay a bit higher to warn the others of incoming risks." Chuck replied, "Okay, you and the baby can stay back. The three of us will go lower," As they kept their controlled fall. Only 10ft from the tree line, an unexpected burst of turbulence caught hold of all of the planes. One failed to manuver properly, and over corrected, which lead him straight into the tops of the trees. This error alerted the enemy, who began scanning the skies. Soon they saw the two planes up high, but were too far to get a clear shot. Then, all at once it seemed, they were being showered with bullets from the two closer planes. Taking cover, they pointed their weapons and began shooting at the much closer planes. The surrounding bullets were far two much for the constantly circling planes. "Pull up!" Yelled Chuck. " I can't" replied Chris, the other pilot. A well placed bullet had seized up the controls. The pilot had nothing else to do, but to eject. The leader began to ascend, but was too late, the enemy had produced a rocket launcher which was fired in a well calculated manner to meet the path of the leader's plane. After seeing this, Nathan, went into a nose dive (well, as much as he could) to begin shooting at the enemy. Curtis provided him with backup from 500 ft, and turned the radio to the frequency that the infantry could hear. "If you can hear this message, go east you will see us opening a hole in the enemy. We have made it possible for you to escape. We need your help!" The infantry was already on their way. In no time flat they were engaged in a full out battle. Nathan proceeded to ascend and descend to attack the enemy. Then, mid descent, an enemy troop shot the glass to the cockpit, and ceased the shower of lead from the sky coming from the nose diving plane. Curtis watched as his friend and his plane crashed head on, onto the head of the enemy. The ground troops were able to finish the enemy and make their escape, but only one of the five pilots sent to rescue the surrounded troops  returned.

A picture of a plane landed in the trees... 
As entertaining as this fictional story I made up just now is, and how accurate the maneuvers and other miscellaneous details are minor and insignificant details. The importance of this story is the principal taught.
Prior to the final end of my mission, my mission president pushed me, and the other departing missionaries, to get married. After all, that is the next phase of life, and essential for the fullness of salvation. Prior to marriage is dating and courting. Recognizing this, they provided guidelines for their missionaries when they date, to protect them from breaking commandments.
1.) The first guideline is plan. Heavenly Father has a plan and has set it in motion for His children; similarly, we ought to plan to do wholesome activities to get to know the individual better. This can be an array of activities. The dangers of not planning these activities CAN (not always) result in the breaking of certain commandments. This principle must account for the advice given after.
2.) NO TIRED! People's behavior changes, and the natural man is more obvious in those who are tired. Suggestions are more persuasive, and being alone with someone you are interested in CAN be a bad idea.
3.) NO LATE! Being early establishes your respect for the other person's guidelines. It also prevents you from staying too long with the individual.
4.) NO DARK! Sure, the dark is an excellent place to be when playing games or watching a movie, but turning on a light helps abolish mystery. So shed some light on the subject.
5.) NO HORIZONTAL! This is for obvious reasons. When a couple lies down, and are horizontal together the desire to go further increases and grows the probability to do so.
6.) No Alone! Being alone with somebody is the fastest way to increase the probability of the breaking of the law of chastity. Surrounding yourselves with those who share the same moral code as you is the best way to prevent yourself from breaking yours.

These guidelines can be found in the handbook "For the Strength of Youth." These guidelines help young men and women grow to become spiritual giants, as they follow them. It is important to be with others, but when dating steadily or courting, it is important to be alone. After all, this is what it will be like when you're married. So, using discretion and applying the first principle, planning, are vital in being alone.
In addition to these guidelines, they brought forth a few more.
7.) No back rubs, scratches, massages, etc... Just as anybody would be, I was devastated. I love a good back scratch as much as the next man. They said they added this guideline  because of observations they've made with missionaries, and others. Physical actions like this arouse the desire for physical actions to be used in a marriage covenant, and increase the probability to break commandments.
8.) No Bedroom... the likelihood of any action going further is greatly increased in the bedroom. This has been observed in many situations.
Now, this doesn't mean all the fun in dating is taken out. There are plenty of activities within the said boundaries. Now, the doesn't mean you can't take a date to the movies because it's dark. My mission president, and his wife said you can probably get away with not following one from the list. Much like the difference in safety behind 500 and 400 ft are safe, and not touching the line. But as more guidelines are broken, much like those pilots, the risks of falling and crash landing are greatly increased. These guidelines have been established by the servants of the Lord for our protection and to prepare individuals for a family, not just "til death do us part" but for "time and all eternity."

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