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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dear Sophia,

Relaying this letter isn't simple. I write it expressing my thoughts to you. I can write little concerning myself. As you well know, the story of my past is riddled with twists, turns, and darkness. I was conceived in undesirable circumstances. Petty plot pieces proceed to entice envy in everyone who hears; however, a majority of them would not wish to suffer through the wounds I have.

A scar doesn't come out of nowhere. It, has a story, and a lesson attached with it. The scars which burden me, alter my countenance. Even prior to the wounds, my appearance prompted an hindrance in my promotion. I had, as the prophet Isaiah wrote of the Savior, "no beauty that [any] should desire" (Isaiah 53: 2)

Continually, like a loyal dog, weakness came to me. I, as weakness, would succumb to the trials, temptations, and darkness who continually asked me to fight for their benefit. Oftentimes, as a result, I would cry in the night, hopelessly calling for acceptance.

How was the reaction of those surrounding me? They who saw this young pup in this condition said, "you aren't going to grow up to be sh**." In their eyes, and therefore mine, I was not of any worth. The only thing I was good for was being a burden to them, and myself.

Everything I saw, felt, and experienced seemed to have no purpose in my benefit, and I was confused. Therefore instinct seemed to overcome this confused dog as a warm inviting blanket. Rashness was my name, and concluding was my game.

Lacking you to make me tame, I'm foolish.  As a scared lemming, taking the road most traveled becomes my path knowing not the destination, and often leading me to more destructive results.

Like healing bones, my opinions become more and more solid, unchanging, and composing the notes, and chords of my internal orchestra. Void of you, my heart is a stone, not even diamond can pierce.

Emitting little emotion to those within my presence, I am cold, and usurp the warmth of those around me.

Toughened by the trials of life, rough may describe my condition bereft of you. I remain callous in my actions and to the things which are the closest to me.

Habitual build-up of these rough rocks are seen in the waters of my character, damming the path of this rolling river. In other words, they are prohibiting personal progress.

Even though you may not see it, you are an angel, conceived in the bosom of righteousness, and proceeding from the mouth of the Lord, Himself. All ought to desire you. Your background, though dull to you, is desirable and full.

Pertaining to your time here, it seems as if you have no beginning. You are as eternal as time itself.

Sultry, and gentle lips draw mine closer to yours as a lamb to an ewe. Sweet words of life continue to provide me with nourishment, and motivation the more they calmly leave your lips.

I long for the brief moments when your warm embrace clasps me. The cold of the past melts away, as I lie in your bosom in the present.

Seeking to follow the perfect example, you are no respecter of persons. Despite my feelings for you, you remain fair to all you touch.

To unite my life's will with yours will be my wholly highest honor held and will tower trophies treated to triumphant teams with which I have been a part.

Omitting my instinct, calming my nature, and taming my emotions; which you do, will train my character, and teach me to play in a more sensible manner.

Yielding to your influence, provides pure purpose perpetuating priceless guidance, direction, and motivation, and my value will proceed to become a question of naught.

Overcoming weakness with my hand in yours will bring us strength neither of us can achieve without the other. Godliness must be a task you and I achieve together.

Ugliness shall be impossible with you. A marriage with you will be Kintsugi, mending and beautifying this broken boy.

Concerning you, volumes have been, are being, and will be compiled. Now, you know my feelings. This letter serves its purpose, and as difficult as it was, worth sharing Sophia, my dear.

With Love,
Sheldon Joseph Moss

P.S. Please don't read this letter once and toss it away as dross. I plead for you to ponder us, and read this letter again and again to see the deeper messages I have left for you inside. However if you want a more blatant explanation of this message, simplify this equation I created. It will be a task, and may be worth it. That is, if you want to know the message.
  • sqrt(x) = the square root of x
  • cbrt(x) = the cubic root of x
  • * = Mulitply
  • / = Divide
11*(7*(3*y)2)/(11*a*y*(2)2) - 4*x*(sqrt(-81)) + (11*y*(sqrt(49))/a*(sqrt(16))) > 5*((3*y*(sqrt(64)) - 11)*((sqrt(81)) + (cbrt(8)))/(3*a*(7 + (cbrt(64))) - 12*u*(3*x)2/(x + 5*((2*y)2 * (sqrt(4))/(a*y*(2*(sqrt(25)) - 7))

Are you impressed or otherwise? I am looking forward to your response in a similar fashion...

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