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Science and Faith

During the run in my mission, I have met many who claim "no belief in God." They confide their faith in the discovery's of man. When this occurs, I have to ask, "Why do they have to be separate?" I have created a series of posts which describe this close relationship.

The Great Debate: Science v. Religion: We live in a world where there are great and many scientific advancements being made. It is often difficult for people to have a belief in God when there is all of these scientific acheivements in our faces. As the first post on this subject, I establish my personal viewpoint upon this discussion which I have debated a few times within my life.
"Science doesn't disprove faith; rather, it provides a fertile ground for the seed of faith to grow."

 There is an Order: After seeing a random post on Facebook, I decided to "blow it out of the water" with mimicking it by sharing a very unique message within those lines.
In my mind, I see science as one way to see truth, and faith as another. In order to see the depths and purposes of life, we need to use both. If we use only one of the two, life is flat and dull.

Fire from Heaven: There are many miracles described in the Bible. These miracles led to many to repent and turn to the true God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Yet, in our day, these miracles seem too good to be true. This post describes one of the miracles performed by an Old Testament prophet in a scientific manner.

"These explanations are convincing, but the sincere inquirer should not rely on them exclusively to settle his or her search for truth. Each believer needs a spiritual confirmation... Spiritual questions deserve spiritual answers from God." -Elder Neil L. Andersen

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