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Sheldon's Background

Many experience times of trials, heartache, and disaster. My life is not exempt from the rule of generality. I have shared some of my past, at least the stories which I am comfortable sharing. My desire is to not receive praise or sympathy from the world, but to inject hope into the hearts of the hopeless, bring joy to those who have been sorrowful, and to uplift readers who desire uplifting. These post have been organized to give you a good background of me, and to help your know how and why I think the way I do.

My Foundation:
This is a brief of my experiences of my conversion to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. More importantly, It describes how I came to know of a surety of my Big Brother, Savior, and God; Jesus Christ.

Speak Concerning Hope:
I wrote this post for an individual in my mission to inspire him to keep going. I have experienced times of hopelessness, and how I overcame them.

Week 5: Knowledge:
This gives a little more color to the picture painted in the post mentioned prior to this.

For My Brothers and Sisters:
Finally, at the peak of the mountain of hopelessness, The actions of holding onto a little hope blossom into an eventful conclusion. This is a plead to all to look at their life, and analyze themselves.

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